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From a rotating door of hourly workers to a committed team that’s eager to grow, Stewardship is about being the best place to work. This mindset sticks to the motto, “Employees first, always.”

“We’ve been doing things the same way since we opened” is a notion the Next Gen Operator simply refuses to believe in.

They strive to create an inclusive, diverse place of work, which has only become more challenging with rising operation costs and a shift in the labor market.

With some fresh thinking and a dash of creativity, operators with this mindset envision a workplace where employees are valued, paid a living wage, and incentivized with thoughtful perks and benefits. Stewardship doesn’t stop here—these operators are clear about their values in a way that speaks to a more discerning, ethically-minded consumer.

A shift towards a kinder, more inclusive industry is evolving for two reasons: personal traumas and a labor market that was struggling, even before the pandemic.

Former restaurant employees who have encountered toxic workplaces are determined to create a healthy, sustainable workplace to grow the industry they love.

Feeling appreciated in the workplace goes a long way.

While some seasoned operators remain skeptical that a more generous model could work, the Next Gen Operator is making it happen. Operators with this mindset can combat constant turnover and eliminate the expense—and time—required to constantly train new staff.

Now is the time to shape a smaller team of carefully trained employees committed to the restaurant values.

Have you considered a smaller team with greater benefits? Perhaps you’ve outsourced routine tasks or invested in automated tools that make it easier on your staff. You are practicing Stewardship, and your employees thank you and your customers notice.

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It’s (not) all about the money, honey.

Did you know increased pay isn’t the only way to make your employees happy?

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“I think the restaurant industry has been behind the game at figuring out how to incentivize and reward employees – if not in pay, maybe in bonus packages or profit-sharing.”

– Josh, a restaurant operator and tech founder in New York City

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