The restaurant world has changed.

Operators have innovated while the industry is continuing to shift, so what will foodservice look like moving forward?

As we move through one of the most difficult times in restaurant history, everyone wonders what the future holds.

Who is left standing? What’s their philosophy and how will it bring us into the future?

It’s time to look ahead to see what’s next.

Join us as we guide you through the new, entrepreneurial mindsets of the Next Gen Operator —They’re daring, experimental, and oh-so-innovative—so what exactly are they doing and how are they doing it?

Meet the Next Gen Operator

Here you’ll find six mindsets that define the new approaches operators are taking to running their restaurants. Whether a long-standing veteran of the industry or an experimental up-and-comer, we believe these mindsets will carry restaurants through the next several years.

Think: new tricks of the trade, fine-tuning social strategies, streamlining tech & so much more.

Trial & Error
Focused Energies
Agile Identities
Social Savvy
Digital Tranquility

Onward & Upward

We know the future of restaurants is changing—menus are no longer constrained to the four walls or traditional business models of brick and mortar. Today, new brands can emerge from a home, commissary kitchen, or off-hours restaurant.

Our industry will continue to shift, dip, dive, and ultimately adapt to serve our customers.

And when it comes to the Next Gen Operator, you’ll find them exactly where they should be—right at the customers’ fingertips waiting to be discovered, liked, and followed into the new future of food service.

How have you approached things differently in the last 2 years? Share your story with us.