Digital Tranquility

A new approach to technology

From overwhelmingly complex tablet farms to simplified technology minimalism, Digital Tranquility streamlines operations towards technology bliss—ahh.

The Next Gen Operator values a streamlined and simplified digital experience.

Operators who have grown up around technology means they’re discerning about the tools they decide to use. They’re choosing a simplified, integrated tech stack to replace disjointed tablet farms of restaurants past. It’s not just about efficient processes that make employees’ lives easier; digital tranquility also reduces technology fees from unnecessary or clunky products, focusing on those that impact the business most.

Toss the unnecessary tech—it’ll make your life easier!

Restaurant tech doesn’t have to be so complicated.

A simplified stack reduces monthly payments, steers clear of flashy but unnecessarily expensive new features, and eliminates extraneous technology solutions that are not essential to everyday needs.

Digital Tranquility offers operators the benefits of an integrated platform and owning their customer data. Rather than spending precious time fiddling with tech solutions that don’t talk to each other, these operators spend time scanning insights and applying them to decisions. They work on the business rather than in it, and they have their tech representative on speed dial, ready to discuss insights or new functionality that could better serve the restaurant’s needs.

Simply put: Digital Tranquility makes it possible for operators to use way less tech, and as a result, do so much more with it.

Now is the time to think less of how you’d like to be known and more of who you want to get to know.

Welcome to streamlined technology heaven.

Do you embrace your competition? Perhaps you’re not afraid to pop up a new concept or let go of one that isn’t working—this means Agile Identities comes naturally to you. Consider that you’re not the face of one restaurant but rather the architect of a flexible brand network.

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“Tock is definitely the backbone of the business. But so too is Instagram. I think those two tools share equal footing. That’s our front door: Instagram and Tock.”

– Tony, a virtual restaurant operator in Chicago

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